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Process of Obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit

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To obtain a concealed carry permit in Riverside County, California, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be at least 21 years old
2. Be a resident of Riverside County
3. Have completed a 16 hour concealed carry training  course approved by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department
4. Have no felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions involving violence or threats of violence
5. Have no outstanding warrants or pending criminal charges
6. Have no history of mental illness or substance abuse

Once you meet the requirements, you can follow these steps to apply for a concealed carry permit in Riverside County:

1. Fill out the online application on th he Riverside County Sheriff's Department website. Here is the link to the application.
2. Gather all required documents, including proof of residency, proof of completion of a firearms safety course, and any other supporting documentation.
3. Submit your application and documents to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department along with the required application fee.
4. Schedule an appointment for an interview with a sheriff's department representative to discuss your application.
5. Undergo a background check and fingerprinting process.
6. Wait for the sheriff's department to review your application and make a decision on whether to issue you a concealed carry permit.



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