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Right 2 Bear, LLC offers comprehensive firearm training courses to individuals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in firearms. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including firearm safety, marksmanship, and self-defense training.


One of the key areas of focus of Right 2 Bear, LLC firearm training is firearm safety. Participants learn and practice the fundamental safety rules, emphasizing the importance of always treating firearms with respect and following proper safety protocols. This includes safe handling, storage, and transportation of firearms.


Marksmanship is another important aspect of the training. Participants receive instruction on proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control to improve accuracy and consistency in shooting. They have the opportunity to practice and refine their marksmanship skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.


Self-defense training is a significant component of Right 2 Bear, LLC firearm training. Participants learn about situational awareness, conflict avoidance, and decision-making in self-defense scenarios. They are taught effective defensive shooting techniques and how to respond to potential threats in a safe and responsible manner.


In addition to practical skills, Right 2 Bear, LLC firearm training also covers legal considerations. Participants learn about the laws and regulations governing firearm ownership, use, and self-defense in their jurisdiction. This includes understanding the legal use of force, self-defense laws, and the potential consequences of using a firearm in self-defense.


Overall, Right 2 Bear, LLC firearm training classes are designed to provide individuals with comprehensive instruction and practice to develop their skills and knowledge in firearms. By focusing on safety, marksmanship, self-defense, and tactical shooting, these courses empower individuals to handle firearms responsibly and effectively for various purposes.

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