Established in 2015 by a husband and wife team of firearm enthusiasts who saw a need for firearms safety and education classes in a non-intimidating environment.

We treat each student like family and genuinely share the excitement of a new shooter.

In this day and age when the government is determined to infringe on our second amendment rights, it’s more important NOW than ever to own a gun in order to defend your rights. Purchasing a gun is something that you should, as an American, welcome and embrace. It’s about more than just defending your property or family; it’s also about defending your rights and your freedom.

Alex Chavez
Founder and Owner
DOJ Certified Instructor

"If you are looking to roll around in the dirt and change mags with one disabled arm, you may be taking the wrong class. This class is for everyday people who want to learn about basic firearm safety and education. Our goal is getting our students on the right path towards owning and using firearms in a safe and responsible manner. Our aim is to remove the intimidation factor from the equation."

Kimberly Chavez
Director of Operations

"I was a new shooter not too long ago. I became interested in firearms after a situation a few years ago when there was a shooting near our home and there was a suspect on the loose. As I sat across from my armed husband in our living room, two things crossed my mind. 1) I am so glad we aren't sitting ducks without a way to protect our family, and 2) What if my husband wasn't home? How would I protect my kids? I started shooting more often after that and now feel much more comfortable when handling a firearm."

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