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Right 2 Bear, a firearm training company for Orange County and Riverside County Concealed Carry Weapons Permit along with many other types of training. R2B was founded in 2015 by a stablished in 2015 by a husband and wife team of firearm instructors & enthusiasts who saw a need for firearms safety and education classes in a non-intimidating environment.

We treat each student like family and genuinely share the excitement of a new shooter. We appreciate the opportunity to also work with those that want to hone in their skills and become more effective & proficient shooters and protectors.

In this day and age when the government is determined to infringe on our second amendment rights, it’s more important NOW than ever to own a gun in order to defend your rights. Purchasing a gun is something that you should, as an American, welcome and embrace. It goes beyond just defending your property or family; it’s also about defending your rights and your freedom.

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