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Took a class with Alex today and went shooting for my very first time! Loved every minute and can't wait to go back! He was so thorough with helping and teaching, making me feel comfortable to shoot and learn what to do! Highly recommended to everyone! Can't wait to go again!

Kimberly Allen

Riverside, CA

I highly recommend contacting Alex and his wife to learn about handguns and safety! Don't wait a decade to do this out of fear because of lack of knowledge (like I did). I am so glad I did and cannot believe that it only took a couple hours to give me knowledge and practice enough to get over that fear. I'm shocked that it was even FUN! They took their time, were very patient, answered all questions, were very encouraging, and were thorough in teaching. Maybe best of all, they weren't seeking to be overly tough or scare you about guns. They made it simple: follow some easy rules and you'll be safe. I wasn't looking to find someone who was going to be overly tough. I was scared enough already. I'm so glad I booked this class and not another one where the instructor I talked to on the phone made me even more nervous. Alex was excited when I hit targets dead center and was easy with a smile and a high five. Just what I needed to get rid of the jitters.
My husband was not nervous. He's fired guns before. Alex was great with him, too. He gave encouraging corrections and explained everything thoroughly. My husband also really enjoyed the class.

In short, I'm 'discharged' of fear, excited about my newfound knowledge, and would whole heartedly recommend anyone to take this class, experienced or not. No need to 'recoil'.

Nadya Aubrey

I just took the pistol course with Alex at magnum today. Alex was great. He taught me to self diagnose when I'm inaccurate, which helped me immensely with my accuracy. He was calm, patient, and very positive throughout the course. I will definitely take another class with him to get ready for uspsa!

Stephanie Hughes

If you are looking at owning a hand gun or any type of firearm, and you've never thought you could (like me), I would highly recommend that you start right here, R2B, the instructions are passionate and patient. They'll walk you through the entire ordeal, all along teaching/educating you how to correctly use a gun, as well as, how not to. Trust me, with them you will gain confidence and feel totally at ease and relaxed, but most importantly, they'll make you feel like family. Alex, Kim and Angel, thank you!

Monica Sandoval

Riverside, CA

This class was AWESOME! The instructors were very knowledgeable, informative, and patient. Everyone should take this class!!!


Had my my first lesson with Alex yesterday. It was my first experience with guns. He made me feel safe and comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and patient. My daughter and I left the lesson feeling so happy and empowered. I would definitely recommend this class. Thank you guys for making our first experience a great one!

Julie Fitz

Moreno Valley, CA

I took the intro course today and had a great experience. As a beginner I felt comfortable and confident firing a gun for the first time. The information given before going into the range was just right, I didn't feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Kim, Alex, and Angel were all very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend you take their course. I will definitely be back.

Heidi Smith

Hemet, CA

I am new to firearms and needed to take some lessons. I saw his post on Facebook and decided to take a lesson. I am glad I took his class. Alex made my experience with firearms an enjoyable one. He made me feel comfortable, which made me take in Everything he was teaching me. I recommend taking his class if you want to learn about firearms and firearm safety.

Gabe Villareal

The instructors were great really took there time to make sure your comfortable and know what your doing, highly recommend going here!!

Sara Cullari

We took the safety class and then waited a few months to go the the range. My only regret is waiting. Alex was so patient with us and got us very comfortable shooting a couple different types of guns. He's so informative and personable. You can tell this is truly his passion and he makes it fun! We will definitely be meeting again soon to learn more!

Tara Perez

I am so Happy I took this class with Alex & His Awesome Wife Kim!!! I have quite a few handicaps with my Right Hand and Wrist plus atrophy from so many surgeries. And first I must say Alex was in NO Rush on teaching US/ ME how to Handle, Load, and Understand Guns. I SHOT a Gun when I was 16 years old only one day! I have no experience or knowledge with Guns. I Love how both him and his wife's main focus was on me understanding and not fearing something I need in the area I Live and the times we live in. Alex was so patient! It was nice having another Female their to relate with as well with Kim there.

Christina Metzger

I have to thank Alex for teaching and answering my questions on firearm safety. I cant wait for the next class you and your wife are having. The men in my family were shocked I knew what I did on the firearms. Alex was patient and went thru all the steps and stood by my side until I was totally comfortable. Now to take my test! Thanks again, Alex!

Linda Delgado

I was so nervous at first but they did an awesome job of keeping me relaxed and calm. Great skill techniques were taught and I look forward to future endeavors with this awesome team!! All I can say is Thank You!!!!! You made the introduction to my new firearm fun, safe and enjoyable!! I'll be back for more!!

Krystal Quaal

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This class was AWESOME! The instructors were very knowledgeable, informative, and patient.

Everyone should take this class!!!

Steve S., September 2016

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